Exemplary Evidence: Scientists and Their Data (e-book)


If you think of science as a puzzle, you’ll see that data is a key to unlocking it. Exemplary Evidence: Scientists and Their Data touches on the world’s many riddles—from how we see to what’s at the bottom of the ocean. It shares how scientists have solved such puzzles by collecting measurements, taking notes, and even making sketches. The book also provides mini-bios of the nine featured scientists plus four steps to using data to tease out your own answers about how the world works

Exemplary Evidence’s author is Jessica Fries-Gaither, a science educator who also wrote the award-winning NSTA Kids book Notable Notebooks. Once again, she mixes sprightly storytelling with energetic rhyme, and Linda Olliver’s light-hearted drawings bring the ideas to life. It all helps explain how a sometimes-unappreciated part of science is as important now as it has been to scientists for centuries. As the author writes:

Data supports conclusions; it can change people’s minds; It is used to build theories that help humankind. Scientists all along have known this to be true: Data is powerful! Now, what will yours do?

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