Lab 12. Explanations for Animal Behavior: Why Do Great White Sharks Travel Over Long Distances?

Book Chapter by: Victor Sampson, Patrick Enderle, Leeanne Gleim, Jonathon Grooms, Melanie Hester, Sherry Southerland, and Kristin Wilson Digital resources are stored online in your NSTA Library.

The purpose of this lab is to introduce students to many of the theories and concepts used by biologists to study and explain the behavior of animals.

This lab also gives students an opportunity to design and carry out an investigation with the goal of developing an explanation for the long-range movement of great white sharks, using an online database available at the OCEARCH website. This database, called Global Shark Tracker, allows students to see the location of several great white sharks and to track their long-range movement over time. Students will also learn about the different methods used by scientists to answer research questions and how scientific knowledge can change over time.

This free sample chapter also includes the Table of Contents, Preface, and Introduction.

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  • on Tue Jul 15, 2014 10:31 PM

The integration of an online database for students to determine why the great white shark travels long distances is a 21st century investigation. The use of scientific argumentation as in all the books is seemless. My only wish is that there would be specific claims (similar to the first book) that a teacher could give students (a great modification for students who struggle).

Susan German  (Hallsville, MO)
Susan German (Hallsville, MO)

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