Introducing Teachers and Administrators to the NGSS: A Professional Development Facilitator's Guide

NSTA Press Book by: Eric Brunsell, Deb M. Kneser, and Kevin J. Niemi

REVERE Award Finalist, PreK-12 Learning Group, Association of American Publishers!

If you’re charged with helping educators achieve the vision of the new science standards, this is the professional development resource you need. This book is chock-full of activities and useful advice for guiding teachers and administrators as they put the standards into practice in the classroom.

Written by three experts in professional development for science teachers, Introducing Teachers and Administrators to the NGSS
• Introduces the vocabulary, structure, and conceptual shifts of the NGSS
• Explores the three dimensions of the Framework—science and engineering practices, crosscutting concepts, and disciplinary core ideas—and how they’re integrated in the NGSS
• Provides classroom case studies of instructional approaches for students challenged by traditional science teaching
• Covers curricular decisions involving course mapping, designing essential questions and performance assessments, and using the NGSS to plan units of instruction
• Examines the connections between the NGSS and the Common Core State Standards
• Offers advice for getting past common professional development sticking points and finding further resources

Given the widespread changes in today’s education landscape, teachers and administrators may feel overwhelmed by the prospect of putting the new standards into practice. If you’re a science specialist, curriculum coordinator, or instructional coach who provides professional development, you will find this collection immensely helpful for heading off “initiative fatigue,” whether in an individual school or throughout a district.

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  • on Thu Nov 21, 2019 3:23 PM

Summary: This article lists four activities to introduce NGSS. Activity 1 is similar to a preparation activity to examine standards, and activities 2, 3, and 4 represent three different ways of introducing the terminology and structure of standards to educators. Teachers can choose the activity that best suits them. Then I will summarize the activity 1. By doing activity 1 educators explore the development of NGSS and begin to understand its structure. This activity helps educators to form a general understanding of NGSS and to understand that the content of the standards is gradually formed in the course of students' education. Activity 1 conforms to the learning cycle method. It is like a preparation activity, giving participants the opportunity to participate and explore concepts before explicitly introducing the meeting. When time permits, provide opportunities for participants to apply the content after it has been introduced. This activity does a good job of introducing NGSS before delves into the development and structure of NGSS standards. Application: I can apply this activity to my future work, I'll make a "Examining the Standards" handout, and there are five questions in this handout: 1.How does the content build over grade levels? 2.How does the content build over grade levels?3.Is it clear what students are expected to know and be able to do? 4.What excites you about these standards? 5.What concerns or “wonderings” do you have about these standards? By doing this, participants have the opportunity to participate and explore concepts before explicitly introducing the meeting, and provide participants with the opportunity to apply the content after the presentation.

Yuting Z
Yuting Z

  • on Tue Mar 29, 2016 4:07 PM

This has been my most widely used go-to book in my work as a science consultant. I work with teachers in grades preK-12. This book provides a quick intro and some basics on developing PD, then it breaks things down into different activities. There are 24 activities, from looking through the layout of the NGSS to breaking down the 3 dimensions for participants to working to develop a unit applicable for the content they teach. Each activity is presented in the same format, background info is provided when needed. You can pick and choose which activities to include in your work. It's great for something quick at a staff meeting, or for a two day (or more) session.

Jenny  (Adrian, MI)
Jenny (Adrian, MI)

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