A Head Start on Science, Second Edition: Encouraging a Sense of Wonder

NSTA Press Book by: William C. Ritz and William Straits

Imagine what fun it could be for 3- to 7-year-olds to engage in a game of Prism Play or Magnetic Scavenger Hunt or Where Did the Shadows Go? Then imagine how convenient it would be for you if such activities came with the connections, standards, and assessments today’s early childhood educators need most. Your dream resource comes to life in this revised and expanded edition of A Head Start on Science: Encouraging a Sense of Wonder. It builds on children’s innate curiosity through 89 developmentally appropriate, teacher-tested activities in life, Earth, and physical science.

Like A Head Start on Life Science, this book emphasizes child-centered development of science practices and skills. Children can explore the natural world as they take advantage of lively opportunities for science learning. But here’s what sets this book apart: It’s an all-in-one resource for caregivers and teachers from preK to grade 2. Each lesson includes a follow-up activity, connections to centers and children’s literature, assessment guides, and bonus activities written in Spanish and English that let families continue the fun—and the learning—at home. Each activity also supports both the 2015 Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework and the Next Generation Science Standards.

Whether your young scientists are building bird nests or making bubbles, A Head Start on Science, Second Edition will enrich what the editors call “your noble and indispensable work—providing children with opportunities to follow their own curiosity as they joyfully explore the natural world.”

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