Student Lab Manual for Argument-Driven Inquiry in Chemistry: Lab Investigations for Grades 9-12

NSTA Press Book by: Victor Sampson, Peter Carafano, Patrick Enderle, Steve Fannin, Jonathon Grooms, Sherry A. Southerland, Carol Stallworth, and Kiesha Williams

Are you interested in using argument-driven inquiry for high school lab instruction but aren’t sure how to do it? You aren’t alone. Argument-Driven Inquiry in Chemistry is a one-stop source of expertise, advice, and investigations, with the information and materials you need to start using this method right away. The book includes 30 field-tested labs that cover a broad range of topics related to chemical reactions and matter’s structure and properties. The investigations are designed to be more authentic scientific experiences than traditional laboratory activities. They give your students an opportunity to design their own methods, develop models, collect and analyze data, generate arguments, and critique claims and evidence. Student Lab Manual for Argument-Driven Inquiry in Chemistry provides the student materials you need to guide your students through these investigations. With lab details, student handouts, and safety information, your students will be ready to start investigating.

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