Diatoms: One-Celled Wondersby: Linda Allison and Sarah Disbrow

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Diatoms (DIE-a-toms) are one of the most important things you never knew about. They are everywhere there is water. A drop of lake water is packed with them. You probably swallow millions every time you go swimming. These tiny, one-celled life forms populate the world's ponds, rivers, and oceans (and anywhere else that's the least bit wet). They spend their invisible lives quietly using sunlight to turn carbon dioxide and water into food and oxygen. Diatoms are the basis of the food chain, and they produce much of the oxygen you breathe. This free selection about this one-celled wonder includes Part I of a sample activity from the book.

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  • on Tue Apr 01, 2014 11:41 PM

The author does a very good job of introducing the subject of diatoms to middle schoolers. This chapter gives background information followed by an easy to use activity. I intend to incorporate this into my own lesson plans next time we cover this unit!

Stephen K  (St. Johns, FL)
Stephen K (St. Johns, FL)

  • on Mon Jan 09, 2012 10:38 AM

The material is well written and very engaging - and the activities presented are quite solid. I enjoyed the material and would highly suggest it for classroom use.

Kendra Young  (Lake Stevens, WA)
Kendra Young (Lake Stevens, WA)

  • on Thu Apr 14, 2011 9:21 PM

The chapter has students look at the possible evolution of diatoms. The students look at sample diatorms, which a single cellular and not very complex and make observations and classifications. Then, the students look at the new diatom and to see if they can determine what caused the changes. A very clear activity with plenty of support for the student and teacher to complete it successfully.

Susan German  (Hallsville, MO)
Susan German (Hallsville, MO)

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