Factors Influencing Success in Introductory College Science

Book Chapter by: Robert H. Tai, Philip M. Sadler, and John F. Loehr Digital resources are stored online in your NSTA Library.

Studies on the influence of pre-college factors on success in college science are well established. Most studies have been carried out in single institutions (e.g., Alters 1995; Hart and Cottle 1993), with only a few collecting samples from multiple institutions (e.g., Sadler and Tai 2001; Shumba and Glass 1994). Of the multi-institutional studies, none possessed the capacity to identify cross-disciplinary trends. In 2002, Factors Influencing College Science Success (Project FICSS) sought to remedy this situation. This chapter summarizes findings from this four-year national survey of college science students and offers some suggestions to college instructors.

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