Why Science?

NSTA Press Book by: James Trefil

Prize-winning scientist and bestselling author James Trefil contends that in order to participate fully in the democratic process, people must understand fundamental scientific concepts. In Why Science? Trefil details the concepts needed in order to be “scientifically literate.”

The concepts he explores range from understanding natural selection to grasping Maxwell’s Equations governing electricity and magnetism; from recognizing that the surface of the earth is constantly in flux to grasping the basic concepts of physics and chemistry.

In addition, Trefil describes the state of science knowledge today; explains why he believes today’s science education is insufficient for tomorrow’s needs; confronts headline issues, including stem cell research, global warming, cloning, and “intelligent design;” and suggests a middle way between the two prevailing approaches to science education: “deep and narrow” vs. “broad but shallow.”

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