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Archive: Transforming Science Learning: How to Get Your Students to Start Talking! Supporting Equitable Participation in the Science Classroom, June 17, 2020

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You’ve set classroom norms for student discussion, but how do you get ALL students to start talking? We’ll explore the different ways you can support students in partner, small group and whole class discussion using the science and engineering practices as starting point.

Presenters: Kate Soriano, Tricia Shelton

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Below are comments from individuals who attended the seminar:

  • "This was a good review for me for what seems to be an uncomfortable strategy for teachers. I gathered more resources and in depth strategies for encouraging student discourse."
  • "So valuable in the resources and information are immediately transferable to the work I do and my college courses I teach. So important whether face to face or online."
  • "I enjoyed using the Jamboard and watching relevant videos of positive classroom culture. The classroom norms will be helpful in relaying these to our students, during the first two weeks of school. We can reference them and self-evaluate based on how we performed that week."
  • "I enjoyed the varied approaches on how to get these students to talk and express their thoughts, I really would want to try the STEM approach. I hope it will work with the students back here in the Philippines."

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