Got Energy?

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Fourth graders explore energy independence.

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A selection from Science and Children—January 2019

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  • on Sat Apr 27, 2019 2:57 PM

The article breaks down a PBL for 4th grade that can be adapted to other grades. The articles does a great job in allowing students to explore independently the need for a state to be more energy independent. Using PBL allow the students to be scientists and figure out ways to solve the problem. To guided the students to be begin Thinking outside the box, graphic organizers like the one they use and utilizing cooperative learning helps guide them to experiments .The trail run organizer at the end is a great tool students can use to test their theories and see if their solutions might solve or not solve the problem. “Students learned about potential and kinetic energy, how energy is measured, how energy is changed but not created or destroyed, and many examples of energy being transformed”. The idea of creating a real life scenario for students to see the relevance and importance Energy can play in out lives, is one I can definitely see myself using in any grade level. You are never to young to explore solutions to problems.

Claudia Fuentes-Bueno
Claudia Fuentes-Bueno

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