Research and Teaching: The Impact of a Four-Step Laboratory Pedagogical Framework on Biology Students’ Perceptions of Laboratory Skills, Knowledge, and Interest in Research

Journal Article by: Jacqueline Shea McLaughlin, David E. Favre, Suzanne E. Weinstein, and Christine M. Goedhart Digital resources are stored online in your NSTA Library.

Authentic undergraduate research laboratory experiences are essential to aid in the implementation of science education reform mandates and to effectively train a new generation of biology students. The authors present assessment data on a unique four-step laboratory pedagogical framework that allows students to develop scientific thinking and practices while authentically engaging in the scientific process. This framework was used to transform a sophomore-level introductory biology laboratory course for biology majors at a 4-year college and an honors introductory biology laboratory course for nonmajors at a 2-year college.

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A selection from Journal of College Science Teaching—September/October 2017

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