Research and Teaching: A Performance Enhanced Interactive Learning Workshop Model as a Supplement for Organic Chemistry Instruction

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In this study, the authors describe a Performance Enhanced Interactive Learning (PEIL) workshop model as a supplement for organic chemistry instruction. This workshop model differs from many others in that it includes public presentations by students and other whole-class-discussion components that have not been thoroughly investigated in the organic chemistry classroom. Preliminary results based on the Colorado Learning Attitudes about Science Survey indicate that a PEIL workshop model not only influences student beliefs about chemistry in a positive way, but also enhances their academic performance. Assessment scores suggest that previous exposure to a PEIL model in Organic Chemistry I improved students’ performance in a subsequent Organic Chemistry II course. The positive influence of the PEIL workshop model in Organic Chemistry II on long-term learning gains is also demonstrated using student grades in subsequent biochemistry courses for which Organic Chemistry II is a prerequisite.

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A selection from Journal of College Science Teaching—January/February 2011

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