Science for English Language Learners: K-12 Classroom Strategies (e-book)


If you work with linguistically and culturally diverse students, you and your students will benefit from the foundation this book provides for teaching both science and language. Science for English Language Learners brings you the best practices from different but complementary fields of science education and English language teaching, integrating the two.

The book is designed so you can easily dip in and out of the topics you want. It’s organized into four sections:

1. Principles and practices that science and English teaching share

2. Classroom strategies for planning, teaching, assessing, and extending learning

3. How to design lessons and model lessons for K—12 students

4. Context and research, including an overview of science and English as a second language standards; instructional practices; and ways to integrate science, language, and literacy

Each of the 10 chapters is coauthored by experienced science and language educators who coordinate their approaches to teaching English language learners. By capitalizing on strengths from both fields, Science for English Language Learners will help you reach all students.

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  • on Mon Jun 06, 2016 11:09 AM

As a teacher in training, I found this book extremely helpful and informative. We live in a time period in which it is very likely that we will encounter ELL students in our classrooms. It is crucial that we are trained to meet the needs of ALL the students in our classroom, including English Language Learners. This book does an amazing job at providing and explaining strategies to help ELL students learn science. The sections "Window into the classroom" in each chapter are written by experienced science and language teachers and allow us understand how specific topics and techniques can be applied in our classrooms. The anecdotes include real life students that have benefited from strategies used by trained and certified professionals. I recommend that all teachers and training teachers read this book, no matter the subject and grade level they are interested in teaching.

Irene Macias
Irene Macias

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